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Two software systems in the Gas Distribution Department at Pacific Gas and Electric Company were modified and enhanced to provide better capabilities. The systems track gas leaks and pipes installed, respectively. Along with the software enhancements, comprehensive documentation was provided. The two systems are briefly described below.

Two new PC based software systems were developed to keep track of infractions and to generate Performance Standards reports. Both the software packages are designed to run on the network. A third piece of software was developed on the PC to keep track of estimator hours.


Gas Leak Program.

The mainframe Gas Leak program keeps track of all existing and repaired gas leaks at Pacific Gas and Electric Company. A complete database of valid records is maintained for all gas leaks reported since 1975. In addition to simple range checking, the validation logic checks for physical impossibilities (such as corrosion in a plastic pipe) and allows for missing data. The program provides reports of unrepaired leaks, reports used by management for control purposes, and leak survey reports.

Among the items tracked are:

  • Where fou
  • Date leak found
  • When checked
  • Cause of leak, and pipe material
  • When repaired


The TPL Franchise and Statistical Report Program areis used for the purpose of providing several reports including statistical reports for the DOT/CPUC, Franchise Mileage, and the Property Tax Report. This program maintains a database thatwhich is updated monthly. Validity checks are performed by a program at the Tax Department in addition to the validity checks performed by the TPL program run by the Gas Distribution Department.


Gas and Electric Estimator Management System.

Developing EMCS (Gas and Electric Estimator Management System) software to run on the PC. The software will control a database of gas and electric records at each work group. At G.O. the software will have the capability to roll up all the data from the diff.erent work groups.

GO95 Program.   

A PC based software that runs on the network and allows management to keep track of underground and overhead infractions.

Performance Standards.

A PC based software that runs on the network and allows management to keep track of performance standards for groups and individuals. The software has the capability to roll up information from all groups below a speci.fied group.

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