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Disk Drive Related Software

These software packages were developed for a disk drive manufacturer and a manufacturer of disk drive testers. A number of details of the projects are proprietary to the contracting companies and thus have not been discussed below. Hence, the description below is brief.


QUANTUM Disk Drive Simulation Model.

The model was developed for Quantum Corporation to help analyze and demonstrate the eff.ect of disk drive features on performance. The model is primarily used by the sales staff. for marketing their disk drives. The simulation model shows potential customers the improved performance of Quantum disk drives with proprietary speed enhancing features compared to competitors’ drives without such features.

The simulation model:

  • Is extremely easy to use and visually appealing.
  • Accurately models the eff.ect of various parameters in the drive. (Number of tracks, sectors, and
    cylinders; seek times, transfer rates, etc.).
  • Can use actual data that refl.ects the specifi.c drive usage of each customer.

Applied Data Communications Disk Drive Testing System.

The system allows the user to test disk drives, using drive testers from ADC. The system uses multiple drive testers. Multitasking is simulated through a combination of interrupts and polling, allowing the IBM PC to simultaneously handle all testers while responding immediately to user requests. The system is very fast.

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