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Scheduling Night Calls in the Department of Anesthesia.

This model was developed for the Department of Anesthesia in the Stanford University School of Medicine. The model was designed to schedule Faculty and Residents to take night calls. The model was a heuristic scheduling algorithm that used a weighting scheme based on the night call tallies of the doctors. The model tried to honor time-off. requests whenever possible and it included an override option that allowed the user to preassign time off or calls. It was implemented as an interactive user friendly APL program on the Stanford system. On completion of the project, the scheduling program was used by the scheduling secretary in the Department of Anesthesia. Features of the model included:

  • Scheduling of night calls in a fair fashion.
  • Ability to honor reasonable vacation and/or time-off requests.
  • Option that allowed the scheduling secretary to override the scheduling algorithm suggestions.
  • Flexibility to handle any night call arrangements.

Scheduling Football Games for the PACIFIC-10 Conference.

This model was developed to help the PACIFIC-10 Conference schedule football games over the next 10 years. The model uses a heuristic algorithm to determine a feasible schedule for the PAC-10 Conference football games. The model is primarily used to set up schedules a few years in the future and to examine the schedule for each current schedule.

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