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SBSI is perhaps the premier company in the world for software implementations of sophisticated mathematical models. SBSI combines world-class expertise in both software development and numerical algorithms. This combination of expertise is, to my knowledge, unequalled. I have worked over the past twenty years with SBSI on a number of large modeling projects requiring a combination of specialized software and very sophisticated mathematical modeling. Their performance has been consistently top notch. Moreover, I have found SBSI staff to be uniformly enthusiastic, responsive, and always a pleasure to work with.
Peter Morris - April 2005
CEO Applied Decision Analysis, Inc.
Managing Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
President, VMN Group LLC
As a user of EPRI's Project Prioritization software, I occasionally had need for direct guidance and support from SBS -- the software developer. I was very impressed with SBS's responsiveness and perseverance in helping me resolve my problems. Having had experience with other software developers, I must say that SBS's customer support is far and away the best I have ever encountered.
James B. Young, Ph.D., P.E. - July 2004
Lead Engineer, Engineering Technical Services Division
Hawaiian Electric Company
Honolulu, Hawaii
  We have relied on Stanford Business Software to develop several major applications for our members. These applications typically implement fairly sophisticated mathematical algorithms wrapped user interfaces that make data entry, analysis, and reporting straightforward. SBS has provided our members with high-quality software. SBS also does a good job with user support, handling both routine help questions and technical issues that require detailed analysis.
Jeremy Bloom - June 2004
Manager, Power Delivery Asset Management

In my career this is the first time I have seen a successful development of a modeling system designed to solve a complex decision problem. The reason for this success is the design capabilities of SBS.

SBS Inc. worked with EPRI funding companies to design a flexible software solution for the utility problem of evaluating individual capital and O&M projects and selecting project portfolios that maximize multiple corporate objectives. SBS designed a system that (1) has the flexibility to handle different and changing value models, and (2) provides the capability to evaluate literally hundreds of possible projects. The design objectives were accomplished by wrapping a modern windows interface, specifically designed for this problem, around modern database software. The result is a software system that allows for (1) fast implementation of custom value models (2) a very large number of potential capital and O&M projects, and
(3) remote data entry.

Steve Chapel - June 2004
S.Chapel Associates

“Incidentally, [the project] was completed on time and within budget. . . As usual, SBSI’s work
and effort were outstanding.”

James Lynch, Natural Gas Corporation

We have been very pleased with the quality of SBSI’s work, the support provided in thoroughly testing and validating the new model, and your completion of this project under the contracted budget. It has been a pleasure to work with SBSI. . . ”

James A. Kimball Director
Planning & Forecasting, Pacific Gas & Electric Co..

“I have really appreciated [your] timeliness and professionalism in all the help that you have
given me. I always know that you will return my calls and that you will find answers to [my]
problems. . . ”

Cory L. Anderson
Public Service Company of Colorado

“I am personally aware of SBSI’s excellent software development capabilities in DOS, numerical
algorithms, optimization, data management, user interface development, and bitmap
graphics. . . ”
(In all of the projects they have completed for me) “SBSI has performed effectively,
and with the highest integrity. Their software is notable for its robustness and maintainability.
I strongly recommend them. . . ”

Dr. Thomas Wilson
Computer Products Group,
Electric Power Research Institute.

Some of the comments SBSI has received for its software products:

Matrix 100.
“. . . very powerful and very easy to use...very sound numerically. . . ”

OR/MS Today (G. A. Kochenberger) - February 1985

“. . . routines are quick. . . user’s manual is excellent. . . inexpensive, effective, and easy to
use. . . Stanford Business Software deserves congratulations. . .ordered a copy for myself. . . ”

PC Magazine (A. Barcellos) - May 1985

Peter Morris
James B. Young
Jeremy Bloom
Steve Chapel
James Lynch
James A Kimball
Cory L. Anderson
Dr. Thomas Wilson
Software Comments
G. A. Kochenberger
A. Barcellos

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