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Commercial Software For Microcomputers

SBSI is currently involved in designing, developing, implementing, and marketing microcomputer software for the mass market. SBSI has released MATRIX 100, a software package for engineers and scientists. In the near future, SBSI plans to introduce two new products: a communication software package and an oil & gas conomic/financial analysis model.



The first product from SBSI is MATRIX 100, an enhancement of the BASIC programming language on the IBM PC designed for engineers and scientists. It allows the BASIC user to perform a variety of matrix operations with a single BASIC statement for each operation. Besides, the usual matrix operations of addition, multiplication, etc., MATRIX 100 has commands to perform:

  • Matrix Inversion
  • Solution of simultaneous equations
  • Linear Regression (least squares), including some statistics.

The MATRIX100 package has been carefully designed to be simple for the use. For the sophisticated user, the MATRIX 100 package has extended commands for allowing greater control of the matrix routines, numerical checks on the stability of solutions, etc. The following are the MATRIX 100 features:

FAST Matrix calculations up to 100 times faster than BASIC.
EASY Some MATRIX 100 commands replace hundreds of lines of BASIC commands thus making programming in BASIC easy.
RELIABLE Routines are numerically sound. Excellent error recovery and messages.
SAVES MEMORY MATRIX 100 commands replace hundreds of lines of BASIC code and thus there is more memory  available for data.

MATRIX 100 has received excellent reviews. Some reviewer’s comments follow:

“...very powerful and very easy to use...very sound numerically...”–OR/MS Today 2/85
(G. A. Kochenberger).

“...routines are quick...user’s manual is excellent...inexpensive, effective, and easy to use...Stanford Business Software deserves congratulations...ordered a copy for myself...”–PCMagazine 5/14/85 (A. Barcellos).

Copies of reviews are available on request.


Communications Software.

The next product from SBSI is a communications package (due for release in the first quarter of 1991.
The software has a number of features:

EASY The software is very easy to use and has an attractive user- interface.
AUTO-SENSE An auto-sensing feature allows the package to automatically sense various communications  parameters on the other.
BACKGROUND Can operate in the background allowing the user to continue using other applications.
COMPRESSION The files can be compressed and sent. This allows the files to be sent at a much faster rate thus  saving the cost of transmission.
ENCRYPTION Files can be encrypted and sent.
PROTOCOLS Supports all the standard protocols.
SCRIPT FILE The Script File feature can be used to automate the communications  tasks.
MANUAL A comprehensive easy to use User’s Guide is also included with the product.
OTHER              Has numerous other features.

IMAGINE: The Final Frontier in Screen Management.

  Imagine an extremely powerful, compact, fast, easy-to-use library of C functions for setting up windows, menu and data forms. The IMAGINE library and manual have been carefully designed to minimize development time without sacrificing program efficiency. A new unique approach allows the developer to customize the library functions without modifying the source code, thus saving hours of development time. In addition, in most cases a single call to a library function will perform multiple related tasks. Among the important attributes of the library are:

COMPACT The library required for the screens is approximately 100Kbytes.
FAST Sections of the code have been written in assembler to allow for extremely fast screen displays (while correctly adjusting the screen display synchronization to avoid “snow” on the screen).
EASY The programmer can easily set up menus (drop down or other), tiled  windows, help options, borders, colors, etc. The selection of menu  items can be done by cursor motion or by typing a character.
OTHER Various other options are also available. The program has sort functions, incremental search capabilities, hypertext like help, EGA graphics support.

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