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Scoping Study for PROD1

PROD1 is a Supercalc5 based gas tracking system at PG&E’s System Gas Control Department. The PROD1 spreadsheet takes up approximately 800Kb of disk space. The data from PROD1 is used by various departments within PG&E. The purpose of the scoping study was to understand the system document of the system, and suggest an overall approach to converting it to a full-fedged client/server relational database accessed through PG&E’s network. The deliverable was a 150 page document that detailed the workings of PROD1 and all related spreadsheets.


Analysis & Design of PROD1

Once the scoping study was completed a second phase was initiated to completely analyze the system and develop detailed specifications for implementing a Client/Server relational database system under Windows. This intensive study was performed within 5 weeks. The final document was 160 pages long and detailed a complete design of the relational database. The design covered the theoretical aspect of the conceptual design, the actual table structure, the amount of daily storage requirements, the recommended platform, the interface design, and the process design.

Mapping System Evaluation.

Evaluation and recommendation of an automated mapping and database environment for PG&E’s Belmont division. This intensive study was done in five weeks. The first part of the study was to evaluate PG&E’s MIDAS system which is a computerized mapping and integrated database system. The next step was to study the available systems on the market and recommend the adoption of a suitable system from MIDAS and the other available systems.


Local Area Network Recommendation.

The project required evaluating and recommending a Local Area Network to connect 67 PCs and a VAX 785 for PG&E’s Belmont division.


MAGFLD and six other electric systems programs were studied. A report was written providing:

  • A summary and description of the data requirements for each of the programs
  • Similarities and inconsistencies between the programs were laid out
  • Possible user interfaces were outlined
  • Issues of links to CAD systems, portability, documentation and statement of future work was provided.

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