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Utility Fuel Inventory Mode. (UFIM)

The Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) Utility Fuel Inventory Model (UFIM) is a tool intended to help power companies develop reasonable, low-cost fuel inventory policies. The principal goal of inventory management is to balance the cost of building and maintaining fuel reserves against the risk of running out of fuel. UFIM uses analytic techniques to provide utilities with insights about how to strike this balance. The purpose of this module is to discuss the general nature of the inventory problem, to describe the features of UFIM, and to provide interested planners and decision makers with sample applications of the model


UFIM develops money-saving fuel inventory policies that offer the best balance between holding costs and shortage risks. Using UFIM, you can analyze your current inventory policy and compare it with the UFIM's suggested least-cost policy taking into account your plant's uncertainties, burn requirements, and operating constraints. UFIM is developed in conjunction with fuel planners from utilities across the country. Numerous case studies have been performed with the model during years of testing on actual inventory systems. As a result of this experience, UFIM is an extremely flexible tool with a broad range of applications.

The latest version of the software is is responsible for updating updated the original UFIM, implemented in Fortran/C for the DOS platform, to the modern Windows platform using Visual Basic,C and MS Access. The modern new UFIM version 4.0of UFIM uses Visual Basic for the GUI ( menus, forms, and reports), uses C for the calculation engine, and as well as Access Database to provide effective inventory for storing case data management for power utilities.
This version can easily be extended to work with SQL server.

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