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SBSI Editable Grid (OCX)

The Editable grid is the up-gradation of the MSHFlexgrid. It includes all the features of Flex grids along with some added features like editing. The disadvantages of using the Flexgrid in editable mode are that the developer is expected to design and implement and test the code. By using the editable grid the developer is free from the above tasks and can use the product directly. It also provides an advantage of reducing the software development time.

The editable grid allows the users to edit data within them. Users can edit individual cell data, as well as insert, update or delete rows. The developer is given an option of using each cell either as combo box, Date pickers, Drop down list box or as a regular text box. The editable grid has some specify methods and events like Dropdown Item, DateCell, ValidateTextEdit, alidateDropdownEdit, ValidateDateEdit and some more.

The editable grid finds application in areas where Tabular and database information are displayed, such as spreadsheets and billing invoice software.

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SBSI Editable Grid
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