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Aging Assets (A2)

Embedded distribution infrastructure is aging and utilities increasingly face reliability and financial risks as equipment reaches the end of expected life. The objectives are to (1) document the extent and scope of this problem (identify problematical equipment, and quantify the extent of the financial and reliability risk), and (2) provide tools and information to help companies make least-cost repair/replace decisions.


Key Benefits

  • Reduced aging-assets management costs
  • Capital spending better aligned with corporate, customer, and financial goals
  • Improved financial strategy for dealing with aging infrastructure problem.

  • Repair/replace strategy and policy
  • Distribution project prioritization / capital budgeting
  • Distribution capacity expansion
Task List
  • Problem identification (Literature review, Interviews, Analyze survey data)
  • Equipment failure research
    • Identify and assess the adequacy of failure rate data
    • Document the state-of-understanding of root causes of failure
  • Decision Model
    • Methodology development
    • Software design, implementation and testing
  • Case studies: solve real-world problems and develop case examples for the training materials.
  • Training workshops
  • Methodology documentation
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Project Prioritization
Aging Assets
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