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Project Prioritization (P2)

Prioritization Software (P2) provides a consistent and objective method to evaluate and then compare all distribution projects. The output of the software is a multi-year spending plan that reflects corporate objectives, responds to corporate budget and labor constraints, and explicitly considers the consequences of deferring specific projects.

This project develops a new methodology and accompanying software to:

  • Evaluate on a consistent and logical basis the hundreds of candidate projects distribution managers typically need to compare.
  • Treat fairly and consistently projects with different attributes—that is, large and small, different time horizons, response to different customer and system needs.
  • Value each project using a collection of attributes that describe financial and system performance implications.
  • Rank capital and O&M projects with respect to a set of systematically-specified objectives— including costs, reliability, number of customers impacted, service requirements, and revenues.
  • Select the best multi-year portfolio of projects given a budget constraint, and understand the implications of changes in budget levels.

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